Separately Managed Accounts

Renaissance CTA

* For qualified investors only

Altavest Private Client Services, LLC (“APCS”) is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”), a division of Altavest Worldwide Trading, Inc., offering multiple CTA programs, including the Renaissance CTA program. Minimum account size is $100,000, or subject to manger approval.

The Renaissance Program
YTD 2017: -4.57%
2016: +17.05%
2015: +20.29%
2014: +28.31%
Since Inception: +65.01%

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Our Separately Managed Account Benefits

  • Non-Correlated Portfolio Diversification
  • No Management or Incentive Fees
  • Maintain Custody of Your Funds
  • Transparency of Account Activity
  • Next-Day Liquidity
  • Tax Efficient Returns