Online Options Education and Trading System


Altavest would like to introduce to you to FuturesANIMAL, an industry leader in online options education, offering educational webinars and live seminars around the country. FuturesANIMAL also provides access to a sophisticated and proprietary options trading system called ThetaTrader that helps you select and manage advanced option spreads in only 5 minutes a day. Perfect for beginner and advanced traders alike, ThetaTrader generates core recommended option strategies each day and can automatically manage those trades in terms of risk and profit parameters that you select. ThetaTrader helps beginner and advanced traders alike maintain a consistent and non-emotional approach to trading.

Both the FuturesANIMAL online options education and ThetaTrader options trading system were designed by professional option traders. ThetaTrader simplifies the execution and management of advanced options strategies that institutions, money managers and hedge funds typically use and makes those strategies available to you. The algorithm embedded in ThetaTrader takes the guesswork out of trade selection, risk and profit management. The user interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

ThetaTrader can be customized by you for pre-defined and customizable risk and reward parameters. The daily Animal Trades can also be customized to fit your personal preferences. Need some help selecting parameters that suit your individual preferences best? Ask your own personal Altavest Trading Advisor, available to all account holders. Qualified investors can choose to have their Trading Advisor manage their account via Altavest Private Client Services (APCS), our Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) program. There are no management or incentive fees charged to APCS CTA accounts. See how our options trading system can work for you and take advantage of the industry’s best software.

Features include:

  • Proprietary Web-based Trading Platform
  • Proprietary Algorithm
  • Risk and Profit Management
  • Personal Trading Advisor
  • Live In-Person & Online Trading Education
  • Managed Accounts Available
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