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    • Live TradeAlerts – Free 60-Day Trial - Place high-probability option spreads in 1-Minute with integrated TradeAlerts!
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Free 60-Day Trial - Place high-probability option spreads in 1-minute with integrated TradeAlerts!
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Quotes Delayed 15 Minutes

YM H20 281800.00 +150.00

NQ H20 8537.75 +16.75

ES H20 3179.00 +3.75

GC G20 1478.80 -2.40

CL G20 59.70 -0.28

DX H20 96.715 -0.030


"I have been doing iron condor trades for over 6 years. The Risk Thermal Indicator is the best tool for monitoring trades." B.B.

"After two years of experience with trading options, I was interested in putting some money into the futures market, but was hesitant to venture there on my own. Altavest has exceeded my expectations with their pre-selected Theta trades. I receive trade recommendations via text, and I can accept, pass, or give a call to my broker for more information. Responding to an alert takes but a minute or two; a chart and the parameters are provided, and I do not need to spend time at my computer trying to define my next trade." R.R.

"With my busy schedule Altavest is the ideal platform...allows me to see how my trades are going in an instant. I love the trade alerts keep me informed when I am traveling and the staff are always there to help when I need more information." K.S.

"I have been a long time client of Altavest, I have found their guidance, professionalism and trading tools are second to none." D.B.

"ThetaTrader is a superb trading platform and I applaud the attempt to make it even better. It allows a person who has minimal trading experience to enjoy the benefits of sophisticated trading including the use of options with futures." J.R.